Individual-centered career planning

Published: 08th August 2009
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Individual-centered career planning focuses on individuals' careers rather than organizational needs. It is done by employees themselves, and individual goals and skills are the focus of the analysis. Such analyses might consider situations both inside and outside the organization that could expand a person's career. The different perspectives, Organizational retrenchment and downsizing have changed career plans for many people. They have found themselves in "career transition"-in other words, in need of finding other jobs. Small businesses, some started by early retirees from big companies, have provided many of the new career opportunities.

How People Choose Careers

Four general individual characteristics affect how people make career choices.

• Interests: People tend to pursue careers that they believe match their interests.

• Self-image: A career is an extension of a person's self-image, as well as a molder of it.

• Personality: This factor includes an employee's personal orientation (for example, whether the employee is realistic, enterprising, and artistic) and personal needs (including affiliation, power, and achievement needs).

• Social backgrounds: Socioeconomic status and the educational and occupation level of a person's parents are a few factors included in this category.

Less is known about how and why people choose specific organizations than about why they choose specific careers. One obvious factor is the availability of a job when the person is looking for work. The amount of information available about alternatives is an important factor as well. Beyond these issues, people seem to pick an organization on the basis of a "fit" between the climate of the organization as they perceive it and their own personal characteristics. Many factors may influence job choice, including the gender of the job informant who passed along job information. The "dream jobs" of young people ages 13 to 17 change over time, as Further, people change jobs more now than ever before.

By Priti Shah

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